Workshops and Conferences

MSMR presents professional development workshops for the research community on such topics as:

  • IACUC rights, roles and responsibilities
  • Bereavement and sensitivity for laboratory animal professionals
  • Crisis planning and communications
  • Personal and institutional security
  • On-line training for IACUC community members
  • Harmonization of IACUCs, IRBs and IBCs

lab_89889823We also offer in-house training to our member organizations in public outreach, communication, team-building, employee awareness and other topics. MSMR workshops are a combination of expert lecture and symposium and hands-on case-method and role-play learning. Leading experts in the field from government agencies, accrediting organizations, private firms and member companies lead our workshops.

Employees of MSMR member organizations receive discounted or free tuition at our workshops. For many of our workshops and conferences, members of States United for Biomedical Research (SUBR) also receive tuition discounts.

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COURSE STARTS FRIDAY, 1/6/2023   FIRST CALL TUESDAY, 1/10/2023 – Attendance is REQUIRED

APRIL 2023
COURSE STARTS FRIDAY, 4/7/2023   FIRST CALL TUESDAY, 4/11/2023 – Attendance is REQUIRED

JULY 2023
COURSE STARTS FRIDAY, 7/7/2023   FIRST CALL TUESDAY, 6/11/2023 – Attendance is REQUIRED

COURSE STARTS FRIDAY, 10/6/2023   FIRST CALL Call TUESDAY, 10/10/2023 – Attendance is REQUIRED